Quoting Jenna

“I ate really well and I’m vegan. I breastfeed, so everyday I got more and more back to my pre-baby shape, but knowing I was going to be filming [Witches of East End] in six weeks was a nice little reminder.”

“If you consciously send negative energy toward someone, then what you send is exactly what you will attract upon yourself in your own life.”

“Your surroundings may change but your essence and your personality pretty much stay the same.”

“My best piece of advice I could give to all of the women and girls is really to honor and love your own uniqueness and to celebrate that and to really work hard not to try to be something you’re not.”

“People shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies…especially women.”

“I’m a huge karaoke fan. Oh my God. I’m one of those girls who don’t give the mic away. It’s a problem. I’m a closeted pop star.”

“There’s a reason women are pregnant for nine months; by the end, you’re ready to have this baby.”

“The only thing that limits you right now is you.”

“I’m open to whatever the universe wants to bring me.”

“I always like Madonna; any Madonna song is good for me.”

“I definitely believe in ghosts.”

“Funny, you won’t believe this, but I have actually never read my Wikipedia page. But if I were to know what it says, if I were to rewrite it, I would say, “Jenna Dewan Tatum, dancer, actress, producer, who has influenced women around the world to follow their dreams.””

“In high school I was always thinking, ‘Should I be doing more? What else should I be doing?’ Now I know it will all come to me. I just have to trust my path, so that’s very different.”

“I had danced with Janet Jackson and P. Diddy so I had done a bunch of hip hop. Really and truly my roots are in modern and ballet but, professionally, that’s not really out there any more, unfortunately, so these artists aren’t really having a lot of ballet dancers behind them so I had to learn hip hop really quick.”

“Old school Janet Jackson is always good. I usually go old school, it’s very rare that I pick a song from nowadays.”

“To me, being a woman in 2016 means having a voice, being unique, being true to yourself, and finding a way to be of service.”

“Most actors and actresses are consumed by careers and getting ahead.”

“Ladies, please remember that every single picture you see in a magazine is airbrushed…we do not look like that. Love yourself!”

“I feel everything more deeply. Every action I take, I think of her first. That’s a big change for me. That – and no sleep!”

“When World of Dance came around, what I really liked about it was it’s from dancers for dancers. For me growing up as a dancer and becoming an actress, Jennifer Lopez really was this icon in that world to me.”

“I have such a girl-crush on Reese Witherspoon. I would love to do a comedy with her.”

“I was very personable and outgoing and was friends with most everybody in my class but I was a diehard dancer so I was constantly at dance classes and working toward my passion of dance.”

“Music videos are notoriously long, not fun, grueling. You are known there as a dancer and it’s kind of sad because dancers, in a lot of ways, are under-appreciated and kind of under-respected when it come to that so they don’t necessarily treat you in a nice way when you do a music video.”

“I love the creative process, of getting to create your own show or your own movie, whatever it is you want to do, and have the resources to try and make that happen.”

“I’m from Texas and actually went to a regular high school, but every day after school I’d run to dance class and practice a lot and then go back the next day and stuff like that.”

“It’s hard to live in this world, have the career that we have, the life that we have, and not be able to live your life in that way. I’m actually very secretive.”

“You can’t really control how life is going to look—you just know how you want to feel.”

“I got here by following the flow. I’ve really been big on that. I know when I’m swimming upstream and fighting it.”

“I am not one of those people who thinks change doesn’t happen. Instead, I own it, I’m happy with it, and I’m excited to see what develops from it.”

“I realized that if you try to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect actress, you start to feel overwhelmed. You shut down. I got that really fast… I was running back and forth from breast-feeding to filming a scene, overextending myself on every level. I realized I have to make priorities, and my family is number one no matter what.”