I have added 522 full 1080P HD screen captures from Episode 3 of World Of Dance to the gallery to replace the 720P screen captures. The ratings are also now in for the third Episode. It had 8.1 Million viewers which is down from the previous week but the demographic remained unchanged at 1.90. Again it topped the ratings over all networks for Tuesday night.

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In the upcoming weeks you will see lots of changes to the site & heaps of new updates & content. Firstly since got the gallery back in order I have been sorting through 13,000+ images of Jenna’s appearances from 2006-2014 & these are now ready to be uploaded & added to the gallery. I have 6,000+ of Jenna’s candids from 2006 – 2016 yet to sort & add. Secondly I will be working on getting the video & press archives done so this will be the only source you are really going to need for Jenna news, photos & media. As usual anything new will be added asap.

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I have updated the gallery with 20 HQ candids of Jenna leaving a friends house in Los Angeles. Other gallery updates include new HQ candids of Jenna & Channing having breakfast at Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks on May 31st & a new appearance from 2004.

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The gallery has been updated with 493 HD screen captures of Jenna from Episode 2 of World Of Dance. The shows ratings dropped this week to 8.5 viewers but it was still the highest viewed show in it’s time slot & demographic-wise it had the best week 2 statistics for any new summer series since CBS’s Under the Dome 4 years ago – so after all that is said & done it is still doing well.

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I have updated the gallery with Jenna’s appearances for 2001 – 2005. They are now all in HQ where some used to be MQ & others are new. Photos 2-9 from Janet Jackson’s ‘All For You’ Tour have come from Janet Jackson Brasil.  I have also added SD screen captures of Jenna from N’Syncs performance at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards. Because the performance was on TV in 2002 the quality is not the best as back then television was neither digital or HD.

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The gallery has been updated with 12 new HQ photos from Jenna’s Prestige magazine photoshoot. One is a HQ upgrade of one of the old photos & another is an uncropped version of one of the photos. The rest are colour versions of the photos on the magazine.


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