In the upcoming weeks you will see lots of changes to the site & heaps of new updates & content. Firstly since got the gallery back in order I have been sorting through 13,000+ images of Jenna’s appearances from 2006-2014 & these are now ready to be uploaded & added to the gallery. I have 6,000+ of Jenna’s candids from 2006 – 2016 yet to sort & add. Secondly I will be working on getting the video & press archives done so this will be the only source you are really going to need for Jenna news, photos & media. As usual anything new will be added asap.

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I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures of Jenna’s appearances on Access Hollywood & the Late Late Show With James Corden from the 22nd May. I have also added HQ upgrades of photos of Jenna on the set of the The Late Late Show with James Corden.

I have just got past the halfway point of adding photos back to the gallery not including the new photos I have added in the last 2 weeks since I lost my original gallery. Almost everything should be back by the end of the weekend.

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Screen Captures > Interviews & Talk Shows > Late Late Show With James Corden
Appearances > 2017 > The Late Late Show With James Corden
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Oooops!!! After having problems with the gallery I was trying everything I could to fix it when UH OH I accidentally went & deleted the damn thing…..That is the bad news. The good news is I never deleted any of the original files off my hard-drive so I can eventually get everything back online again so just bear with me for now.

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