I want to wish all Jenna fans a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I hope you, your families & loved ones all have a wonderful & safe holiday season. Also thank you all for your continued support of the site this year. Jenna will have another big year ahead of her in 2019 so Jenna Dewan Source will continue to keep you up to date with all her endeavors.

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The new layout for the second anniversary of Jenna Dewan Source is now complete. I spent yesterday fixing small issues in the gallery & clearing out affiliates & making new graphics for the sidebar. Today I finished updating the sidebar with Jenna’s projects & other things(I will update the link to Jenna’s Danskin collection when it launches). I also spent the day moving the Press Archive over to it’s new format. New pictures of Jenna have pretty much surfaced daily since I started getting the site back in order so I haven’t even begun to get started on the backlog for the gallery yet – the Baby2Baby Gala photos alone took me 2 days in total to collect.

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Jenna was seen out in Sherman Oats yesterday(6th January) giving little Everly a piggyback – it looked so cute & I have added 17 HQ/MQ photos to the gallery from this outing.

In site news, recently you may have experienced downtime with the site or the site being slow to load or not loading at all. I got an email from my host a few days ago saying this site & my Teresa Palmer site have gotten too big for the server it was on so it was causing things to run slowly & time out. The site has now been moved to another faster server to be able to handle the demand of both the sites so there should not be any more issues.

gallery links
Candids > 2018 > Out & About In Sherman Oaks – 01/06/2018
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I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I have a busy day at work tomorrow & then I am going away for a few days to spend Christmas with my family. I won’t have my laptop with me so I won’t be doing any more updates until I am back. Today I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the last 3 videos Jenna has put up on YouTube including her Christmas video!!!

gallery links
Screen Captures > Jenna’s YouTube Channel > #06 – Thelma & Louise Inspired Dance
Screen Captures > Jenna’s YouTube Channel > #07 – Making Of Thelma & Louise Dance
Screen Captures > Jenna’s YouTube Channel > #08 – Spreading Joy & Cheer To Rescue Puppies For The Holidays
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As you can see the site has a new layout using the beautiful photoshoot from the 2013 New York Times. All sections of the site now have the same layouts. I have also added another 4 sets of HQ candids of Jenna from June.

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Candids > 2017 > Leaving A West Hollywood Gym
Candids > 2017 > Departing From LAX Airport
Candids > 2017 > Out & About In Beverly Hills
Candids > 2017 > Out & About In Los Angeles
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The final section of the site is now online – the Jenna Dewan-Tatum Source Press Archive & the link can now be found on the main menu. I have updated it with Jenna’s interviews & articles from 2016 & 2017. All sections still need updating but that will come in the next few weeks. Like I said in the previous post the layouts are all over the place right now but I am currently working on the new layouts & these will all be updated & online by the end of the weekend. I have some new photos from June to add to the gallery but will do so later today or tomorrow.

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The Jenna Dewan-Tatum Source Video Archive is now online with 13 HD video clips of Jenna from Witches Of East End. These are promotional video clips, cast interviews, featurettes & other video clips from the show. Please note I will not be adding full episodes to the video archive of this or any other show. You can find the link to the video section in the main menu. Currently the layouts for different parts of the site are miss-matched but by the end of the weekend they will all be complete & in sync with each other. The start of the press archive will be added to the site later today or tomorrow.

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