The gallery has been updated with 674 HD 720p screen captures from a movie Jenna did back in 2009 called “The Six Wives of Henry Lefay”. I have also managed to track down copies of 2 other older movies of Jenna’s that had missing screen captures & will be adding those to the gallery at a later date.

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I finally managed to get a copy of Jenna & Channing’s movie ’10 years’ in 1080p so I have added 2,458 full HD screen captures from the movie to the gallery. I have also added another 6 HQ/MQ stills to the gallery – thanks to the lovely Chloe for some of these.

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Back in 2011 Jenna had a small role in a Bruce Willis movie called Setup. I have replaced the SD screen captures in the gallery from this film with 980 full resolution 1080p Blu Ray screen captures including sections I missed when I originally got captures from the movie.

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All photos from Jenna’s movies & television shows are now back up in the gallery. I will add 2015 appearances later today or tomorrow as I have just spent the last 11 hours adding over 40,000 photos to the galley & I need a break from it all. Once this is complete the gallery will be pretty much back up to where it was before I accidentally deleted it!!!

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3,092 HQ photo’s from 16 2016 Appearances has be moved back in to the gallery. I managed to move all the movie, television, 2015 & 2016 Appearances folders from the old gallery so that means I don’t have to re-upload them & that will make things a bit quicker.

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