Jenna was seen leaving an office building in Los Angeles on Tuesday 5th June & I had added 17 HQ candids of Jenna from this outing.

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I have updated the gallery with screen captures from Jenna’s YouTube Channel videos to bring these up to date.

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Jenna was seen leaving the Kimpton Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara with her father Darryll Dewan on Sunday 3rd June. I have added 18 HQ candids to the gallery from this outing.

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I have updated the gallery with 4 HQ/MQ photos of Jenna from her May 14th appearance on the BUILD Speaker Series. I have also added 2 photos from the June 11th issue of US Weekly Magazine.

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On Thursday 31st May Jenna’s daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum turned 5 years old & Jenna threw her a Unicorn themed party. Earlier that day they were seen running errands in Studio City & I have updated the gallery with 13 HQ candids from the outing.

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Candids > 2018 > Running Errands In Studio City
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