Sorry about the recent downtime but I was having trouble with the databases. Everything seems to be working no problems now anyway. I was going to update the gallery with some Talk Show & Interview screen captures so I am doing that now/ Earlier in the month on 1st August Jenna did an interview for “The Talk” & I have updated the gallery with 2,294 HD screen captures from the interview. Also on the 3rd August Jenna Co-Hosted “Live with Kelly & Ryan” & 2,775 HD screen captures have been added from that appearance. Lastly I have added 185 HD screen captures from an interview Jenna did for “E! Live From The Red Carpet” on the 11th August.

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An organisation Jenna belongs to – “Baby2Baby” was featured in the Philanthropy Issue of The Hollywood Reporter on the 8th August. Jenna took part in the photoshoot for the magazine so I have added the photoshoot to the gallery in MQ as well as 148 HD screen captures from the behind the scenes video.

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I have added a section in the sidebar under “Jenna Dewan X Danskin” with a link to buy Jenna’s Danskin Collections on their official site. I have also updated the gallery with 182 SD captures from the Danskin photoshoot video clip & 3 HQ photos of behind the scenes of the photoshoot from People Magazine.

NOTE: I would also like to add that there is currently no ‘OFFICIAL’ photoshoot anywhere for this new Danskin campaign. People are cropping & editing the photos from the print advertisements & saying they are photoshoots, you can see by the dimensions of the photos they are the campaign with the borders cropped off. In fact the day after I added the campaign here in HQ another Jenna Dewan Fansite suddenly added a so called “HQ Photoshoot” with the very same photos. They had taken the photos from this site & cropped them & edited off the text – I opened up one of the photos I had in Photoshop & cropped it & was the same dimensions as the photo on the other site, you can also see on the same photo from this other site where the name ‘JENNA DEWAN TATAUM’ has been cloned off & their own tag added. So don’t be fooled by FAKE photoshoots, they are the exact same photos you can find here WITHOUT tags.

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The gallery has been updated with 782 Full HD screen captures of Jenna from the World Final of World Of Dance which aired this past Tuesday. This was the final episode of Season One. As I have mentioned the series has been renewed for a second season.

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Jenna’s new campaign for Danskin “Fit for Everything” was released on Wednesday (9th August) & I have managed to find the entire campaign of 9 print advertisements in HQ which I have added to the gallery. I have heaps of new photos of Jenna to add to the gallery so I will be catching up with those over the next week. I have had personal things I had to attend to before I even thought about the site.

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I have updated the gallery with 1,016 HD screen captures of Episode 9 of World Of Dance from last Tuesday night. This episode was the Divisional Final & personally I thought with this episode the show lost any credibility it may have had. I am only continuing to post about the show because of Jenna. This coming Tuesday (8th August) will be the Grand Final & the end of Season One.

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