I have updated the gallery with an additional 54 UHQ/HQ photos of Jenna from the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Opening Night on Friday evening. Edit: Another 312 UHQ/HQ photos added 04/24

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Appearances > 2017 > Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Opening Night
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Welcome to the new look Jenna Dewan-Tatum Source. The new layout features the gorgeous photoshoot Jenna did for Redbook. Also last night Jenna was at the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Opening Night & I have added 62 HQ photos of Jenna & Channing to the gallery.


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Appearances > 2017 > Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Opening Night
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I have added another Step Up Photoshoot of Jenna & Channing which I forgot to add with the last update. I have also added assorted pictures from 2015 appearances I missed earlier.


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3000+ HQ photos have been added to the gallery for 2015 appearances including 4 new appearances that weren’t previously in the gallery & new & upgraded photos for appearances that there were already albums for. More than 30 appearances were added & updated all together. As there are too many to list individually I have only added direct links to the new appearances but take a look around the 2015 appearances category for what is new.

Also there is a new French Jenna Dewan site whose owner, Amélie has taken original content from my site as well as images from the gallery for her own. I have put too much time & effort into this site for someone to come along & take it then pass it off as their own work & then has the nerve to put on their site disclaimer: Please respect my work and credit if you use any information or photos that appear on the site.” A post about World Of Dance was copied word for word with a couple of changes made to make it look like they hadn’t. Even my featured image was taken & cropped to remove the watermark I use on my featured images. If she had bothered to do her OWN research she would have found that my post about the show was outdated as information about the show had changed since I originally post it. If you see anything like this happening elsewhere then please advise me by sending me a message through my Contact form.


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Appearances > 2015 > 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
Appearances > 2015 > ‘Extra’ At Universal Studios Hollywood
Appearances > 2015 > Shutterfly Launches Pet Accessories Collection
Appearances > 2015 > Weinstein Company’s Academy Awards Nominees Dinner
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The gallery is now up to date with Jenna’s appearances for 2016. Over the last couple of days I have been busy sorting, uploading & adding 2.5GB of HQ Photos. I have added 4 new appearances & updated most the albums already in the gallery with over 2000 new HQ’s.


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